About the Lodge

The Need for Hope Away From Home

Each year over 1 million people are diagnosed with cancer.  Since Arkansas is home to a number of the nation’s premier cancer treament facilities, many of those afflicted will make their way here.  No matter where patients are from, chances are they will be far away from the comforts of home.  Cancer patients need a full circle of support to aid their treatment and recovery.  Family, friends, counselors and physicians are all part of that circle of care.  When one is required to travel to receive treatment – leaving home, family and friends – there is a gap in the support team.  The 20th Century Club’s Lodge bridges that gap by providing a place to stay, healthy meals and snacks and a community of support.


The 20th Century Club’s Lodge is not aligned with any hospital or healthcare organization.  All financially-needy cancer patients are eligible to stay at the Lodge regardless of where they receive treatment.  Patients are placed at the Lodge via a referral from a social worker at their treatment facility.  Patients are housed on a first-come, first-served basis.


Our Cancer Treatment partners include, but are not limited to: UAMS, CARTI, Baptist Health, St. Vincent Health System, Radiology Consultants, PA, Arkansas Urology, PA, Hematology/Oncology Services of Arkansas, and Little Rock Hematology/Oncology, A Division of CARTI.